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September-October 2015, Volume 5, No.5 PDF Print E-mail

September-October 2015, Volume 5, No.5
Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2015, 5, 5, 296-332
(ISSN: 2249 – 4820)

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Research Articles

1. Rapid and Environmentally Benign Protocol for the Synthesis of 2-Aminothiazoles
Prashant D. Netankar, Syed Asif, Shaikh Mujahed, Pathan Mohd. Arif

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2. Recyclable Amberlite IR 120 catalyzed synthesis of 3-substituted indoles
Abdul Ahad and Maqdoom Farooqui

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3. Dithiane Incorporated Pregnane Derivatives as Potential Antimicrobial Agents
Bapurao B. Shingate, Braja G. Hazra, Deepak B. Salunke, Vandana S. Pore, Fazal Shirazi, Mukund V. Deshpande

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4. Michael Reaction of 3-aAryl-2,4-Dicarboethoxy-5-Hydroxy-5-Methylcyclohexanones
Fawzia Zakaria El-Ablack, M. A. Metwally and A. M. Khalil

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5. Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Screening of Some Novel Cyanopyridine Derivatives Containing Sulphonamide Linkage
Parth Manvar, Khushal Kapadiya, Kishor Kavadia, Kunjal Munshi and Ranjan Khunt

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