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May-June 2017, Volume 7, No.3 PDF Print E-mail

May-June 2017, Volume 7, No.3
Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2017, 7, 3, 166-216
(ISSN: 2249 – 4820)

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Research Articles

1. An Efficient and Solvent-Free Approach for the Synthesis of Dithiocarbamates from Their Corresponding Alcoholic Tosylates
Sadaf Zaidi, Amit K. Chaturvedi, Mridula Saxena, Devdutt Chaturvedi

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2. Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 2-(4-(phenoxymethyl)-1H-1,2,3-triazol- 1-yl)-N-phenylacetamide analogues
C. P. Kaushik and Krishan Kumar

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3. Synthesis and anticancer studies of 1-[4-(2,4-Dioxo-thiazolidin-5-ylidenemethyl)- benzenesulfonyl]-pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic acid derivatives
Laxmikant S Pavase, Dhananjay V Mane

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4. Selective liquid-liquid extraction and separation of palladium(II) from salicylate media with n-octylaniline in xylene: analysis of catalyst, alloys
Ashwini Gaikwad, Vishal Suryavanshi, Mansing Anuse

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5. A fused pyridopyrimidine molecule based “on-off” fluorescence sensor for HSO4- anions
Sachin D. Padghan, Rajesh S. Bhosale, Namdev V. Ghule, Avinash L. Puyad, Santosh Badne, Avinash T. Shinde, Sidhanath V. Bhosale

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