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July-August 2017, Volume 7, No.4 PDF Print E-mail

July-August 2017, Volume 7, No.4
Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2017, 7, 4, 217-254
(ISSN: 2249 – 4820)

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Review Paper

1. Arynes: important intermediates for synthesis of natural products
Zahra Zamiraei

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Research Articles

2. Boric acid-accelerated, one-pot three-component synthesis of imidazo[1,2-a] pyridine derivatives
Zahed Karimi-Jaberi and Ehsan Ghasemi

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3. Ps-Al(OTf)3 Promoted efficient and novel synthesis of substituted N-aryl lactams
Amit K. Chaturvedi and Devdutt Chaturvedi

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4. Isolation and characterisation of triterpenoids from bioactive fraction the latex of Euphorbia caducifolia Haines
Hema Somani, Shaloo Malik, Sunita Kumbhat, Vinod Joshi, Ranjan C Khunt and Ved Parkash

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5. A Highly Efficient and Convergent Approach to Direct Synthesis of Carboxamide by C-N Bond Formation4- anions
Manisha R. Bhosle, Dayanand Kawale, Lalit D. Khillare, Amarsinh R. Deshmukh

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