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November-December 2018, Volume 8, No.6 PDF Print E-mail

November-December 2018, Volume 8, No.6
Chemistry & Biology Interface, 2018, 8, 6, 323-372
(ISSN: 2249 – 4820)

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Research Articles

1. Synthesis and biological evolution of some novel derivatives of imidazole
Atul H Makwana, Alimamad H Malani

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2. An Efficient approach for the Synthesis of N-aryl/ heterocycle/ alkyl Benzamides derivatives and evolution of anticancer activities
Adinarayana S, Prakash C. Choudhary

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3. An Improved process for Selective Oxidation of Pro-chiral sulfide, A Key Intermediate of Dexlansoprazole
Beeravalli Ramalinga Reddy, Manoj Kumar Dubey, Chittireddy Venkata Ramana Reddy, and Rakeshwar Bandichhor

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4. Design and synthesis of Azole containing Imidazole derivatives and evaluation of their Antifungal activity
Anant kumar Singh, Satishkumar Tekale, Mohammed Furqan Diwan, Mazahar Farooqui, R K Pardeshi

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5. Synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial evaluation of N-(4-oxo-2phenyl/thiophenylquinazolin-3(4H)-yl)-1H-indole-2 or 3-carboxamide derivatives
Aniruddh Prasad Chaudhary, Akhilesh Kumar Shukla, Padam Kant

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